Rise of the Turtles: Kirby is seen walking with his daughter April. The turtles see them attacked by the Kraang and try to save them. Kirby and April are taken away. The turtles manage to find them again and try to rescue them. The Kraang try to take Kirby and April away on a helicopter but Donnie is able to get April off of it. April makes friends with the turtles and vows to get her father back.

The Gauntlet: Kirby reappears in this episode. He sends April a message via Pete the mutant pigeon warning her that something terrible is about to happen and to get out of the city. She and the turtles raid the Kraang compound where he is being held. Leo and Raph find him and ask him about the Kraang. He tells them about their plans for the mutagen. They manage to free him but are pinned down by Kraang laser fire. Kirby picks up a fallen laser gun and holds off the Kraang telling the turtles to save his daughter and the city. He is disarmed and recaptured. April cries in Donnie's arms and he promises her they will get him back.

TCRI: Kirby is not seen in this episode but he is mentioned when April and the turtles discuss why the Kraang wanted him in the first place. He is a psychologist, and of no real use to their goals. They later discover that it is not Kirby the Kraang really want, It is April.

Operation:Break Out: Kirby sends a message through a complex computer data algorithm. Donnie decrypts it and goes alone to save him. He does successfully save Kirby and is reunited with his daughter. When Kirby hugs April however, he looks up evilly. This means that while he was captive, they put a chip on the back of his neck. It is seen only one time in this episode.

Showdown: He was shown in this episode brain washed by The Foot Clan. He tried to attack Mikey but they snapped him out of it. He is now living with the Turtles.

The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman: Kirby is turned back into a human using Retromutagen. He is Wingnut.